• Making of “Circle Of Life”
    This week I finally released my “Circle Of Life” project on Alba. The feedback has been unbelievable so far !I have received a lot of questions about the code, in this post I will try to answer the most frequent ones. Inspiration The project got largely inspired by this blog post by Gorilla Sun. “A… Read more: Making of “Circle Of Life”
  • Inside “Cloverfield”
    In this article I’m walking you through the code of my Cloverfield generative project. Read it here.
  • “The City” history and walkthrough
    I have posted a detailed walkthrough of my most ambitious project to date on fxtext.You can read it here.
  • Mining Structures walkthrough
    Laxraven and I just released our collaborative project “Mining Structures” on FxHash. It was a huge success, and I have received many questions about the process and techniques used. Here is a quick walkthrough. The project started with a failure. @Laxraven had posted a beautiful architectural drawing on Twitter, and someone mentioned they would love… Read more: Mining Structures walkthrough
  • Ammonites walkthrough
    Following the unexpected success of the Ammonites NFT on fxhash, several people have asked me to give more information about my approach for producing this type of generative pieces. So here it is, I’m going to take this image and deconstruct it for you, step by step. 1. The easy part first – the background… Read more: Ammonites walkthrough