Mister P

Color. Movement. Energy.

Inspired by the mythical works of Jackson Pollock, this generative art project aims to emulate the artist famous techniques of dripping, splashing and pouring paint onto a large canvas, creating a complex web of lines, shapes and textures.

I’ve always been fascinated by the works of Jackson Pollock, and how his choices of lines and colors were able to evoke intense, raw emotions. Seeing his massive “Autumn Rhythm” masterpiece was a revelation: for the first time I realized how close his “abstract expressionism” style was close to improvisation, another topic which, as a jazz musician, is very close to my heart.

To create digital art in this style is not easy – it requires capturing the emotions that the artist expresses through the physical medium in the spur of the moment, something that a computer program lacks. My approach was to give the lines a sense of direction and rhythm, beyond their seeming randomness, and to imitate the movements of the master (I watched many videos of Pollock working, and studied them carefully).

For the sake a variety, I also took some liberties with the original concept of abstract expressionism (which is usually free of form and clear composition). While the majority of iterations attempt to fill the entire canvas in a (hopefully pleasant) way, I also added more deliberate composition in some of the outputs.

The project is on-chain and fully generative. Each mint is 100% unique.

It will be released on alba.art on July 18th, 2023.