The Paradox of Living in the Information Age

We live in an era of unprecedented access to information. We have the tools to communicate, store, and process vast amounts of data in ways that were unimaginable a few decades ago.

Yet. the more tools we have, the less we are able to access information that hasn’t been distorted in some way or another. This distortion can take many forms, such as misinformation, disinformation, propaganda, censorship, bias, manipulation, filter bubbles, echo chambers, fake news, and so on.

It is this paradox that inspired this new project. Information is symbolized by a straight rectangular grid, which is then distorted in various ways, creating bubbles, holes, suggesting images and organic shapes, ….

The colors and textures pay homage to some of my favorite modern masters: Picasso, Klee, Vasarelli, … to name a few.

The rendering code has been carefully tuned to emulate watercolor paintings, producing pieces that look stunning on print.

The project is developed in partnership with, and will be minted on the ETH blockchain in June 2023.

The project is fully generative. Each mint will be 100% unique.